Monday, December 23, 2013

The Reason...

Last Monday night, our band had the privilege to play music for the residents/guests of our local homeless shelter. While another church fed them a delicious dinner, we played Christmas carols and contemporary Christian music (including several requests!).

Each December that we go and play, it really does remind me just what a blessing we can be for other people. The appreciation on their faces and in their kind words as they exit the building just warm my heart and remind me why we play the music we do. Music can soothe the soul, connect mankind, and really bring people closer to God sometimes unlike anything else.

I am also humbled each year with just how truly blessed my family is. And how sometimes we take things for granted.

This year, we left the boys at Gramma and Pops' house for the night, but brought Brooklyn and Zoe to help. The girls were given the job to wrap plasticware in napkins for the meals the next day, and we are pretty sure they made over a 100 in the short time we were there. They were so proud of themselves, and I was grateful that we were able to show them at a young age how much it means to serve others.

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