Friday, November 1, 2013

Vacation Re-Cap

No tips here...just a few final pictures from our Family Vacation. [With a bit of description that my Facebook album doesn't offer.]

My father-in-law took his VERY FIRST PLANE TRIP. It was very exciting and he was very brave. :-)

Our family all rode the Figment/Imagination ride together in Epcot, and I think I pretty much died with how awesome it was to have us all on a Disney ride together.

Jake loved the "It's A Small World" ride and was just in awe the entire ride.

...And Brooklyn loved the teacups with her Daddy and Gramma.

Jake met Mickey for the first time and Brooklyn met him for the second. Neither kid was overly excited, but they indulged their mama and took the pic with little whining.

Gramma gave me the BEST PICTURE EVER when she rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios.

Jake started quite a collection of stuffed animals...and this was just mid-week. I think final count was around 11 or so for him.

Brooklyn and Jake loved the resort arcade and we spent a nice $30 on some endless fun over 2 days.

So many photo ops at the Pop Century Resort...

Jake loved the "Nemo, the Musical" show at Animal Kingdom, despite its "loudness." It really was an impressive show, and I encourage anyone who visits Animal Kingdom to put this on their "must see" list.

He also loved the safari at Animal Kingdom, saying "the Jeet Ride" (Jeep Ride) was his "favorite ride all week."

And Brooklyn grew braver and braver each day, riding more and more rides. Her favorites were the Dinosaur Primeval Whirl in Animal Kingdom and Soarin' in Epcot.

And she also added to her stuffed animal collection...

We made two evening trips to Downtown Disney where we ate the best dinners at Wolfgang Pucks Express (quick service with counter service quality) and the Kids and Pops had a blast at the Lego store.
And the kids gave me so many good pics I think I may just have to change my Facebook profile and cover pictures weekly. They were too cute and really got into the Disney spirit.
Goodbye, Disney! We hope to "see you real soon!"


Shay-Zee said...

This is kind of dorky but I'll confess it anyway: I keep a file in my yahoo mail on tips people give me for Disney, so I just printed your post in pdf and put it in there. If I come back and ask you random questions 2 years later and you wonder how I possibly remember where you stayed at Disney in 2013, you'll know why.

JaclynJohnson said...

ha! that's awesome, Shay! but thanks for the warning...I probably would be a bit curious as to how you could have remembered that!


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