Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Start of Spring...

As spring rolled around, we rolled right along with it.

I participated in my first "Student-Led Conference" with Brooklyn. It was a great experience for us both, and she did a great job updating me on how she was doing in school.

Chad's been playing on the church's men's softball team.

I think we made it to two games....and watched about 4 innings. :-)

We seriously thought winter would never end around here, and a few mornings Jake was determined to wear his hat and gloves.

Uh, OK.

But that wasn't the oddest thing he insisted on wearing...

The weather has been crazy, and NC can't decide whether it wants to be spring, summer, or just rainy and gross. We are counting the days until Pappy's Paradise opens for summer, and I can get some SUN on these legs!

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