Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vegas, Baby! (Final post!)

We rounded out our vacation to the west coast with some Cirque du Soleil Beatles style, some pole dancing on the monorail, and a second trip to the BEST BUFFET EVER (which was prefaced by a trip to the treadmill with the greatest view ever).

It was a wonderful trip that came at a time where we needed to get away, be with family & friends, and just escape from reality for a while. And the family and friends who came with us were amazingly supportive, fun, generous, and compassionate. We are truly lucky and can't wait to vacation together again soon.



The time change finally caught up with Jake and he just couldn't hang during dinner...


I know we have been celebrating since March, but happy birthday again, Dad! Love you and glad you picked such a fun place for your birthday party. :-)

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