Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goodbye Third Grade, Hello Summer!

Last Thursday was a tough school/work day for Brooklyn and I as we spent the day at the pool for her end-of-the-year class party. :-)

A bit overcast and cloudy at times, but we survived. And as much as I love my job, a cloudy day at the pool is always better than a sunny day in the office.

B with one of her besties...

She completely shocked me when she was one of the first kids off the high dive. Such a little fish she has become!

After the high dive, the slide was no biggie.

Here is Brooklyn on her first and her last days of 3rd grade. Physically, I would say there are minor differences (much less than in previous years)...some layered hair, some new adult teeth, and probably a few inches grown. But emotionally and maturity-wise, there have been huge differences.

Some good and some....well.....challenging.

It was a fantastic year, though, and I am so thankful for Mrs. Tripp, her fabulous teacher. We have been so lucky every single year to have been blessed with amazing teachers for Brooklyn. It's a blessing to not have had to worry about my childrens' educations.

Now, it's three months of hang time with dad- visits to the library, golf course, tattoo parlor (kidding) and Starbucks. I have a pretty large honey-do list for them, too, so they won't be TOO bored. :-)

Happy summer, everyone!

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