Saturday, June 21, 2014

Random in June...or otherwise known as a bunch of cute kid pics

June is flying by, y'all.

As school has ended, our days our longer, and we have had a lot of good time with family and friends.

Here's our newest little nugget, Callie, born May 27, and visiting our house for dinner. Such a sweet angel.

Silas, Zoe, and Jake decided to form a train after Shout one night...

I was finally convinced to get into the pool...however my butt did not leave that raft. It's still a bit chilly.

I've been enjoying passing a lot of our toddler toys down to my niece...and then getting sweet pics of her playing with them.

I mean, really. She's so freaking adorable. I'd do (and buy) anything for this kid!

Gramma was in charge of Claire last weekend, so we popped over to visit and go to the park with her. She loved playing with her big cousins!

So, there's our mid-June randoms for you. I'm sure more to come soon!

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