Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Miscellaneous!

Well, how about that. It's June 3rd, and I am finishing up May posts. It's a spring/summer miracle. And I'll take it.
Our lilies have started blooming in our yard. Unfortunately, Jake thought I would LOVE one as a gift and pulled the first one right out of the ground, roots and all.
It's a good thing he's cute.
 "Hunting" some killer bees. :-)
 Memorial Day Cookout fun at my friend, Sarah's, house for her son's birthday.


And the newest member of our family, Callie Elizabeth, was born Tuesday, May 27th. Callie's dad is like my little brother/cousin/God-family all in one. Let's just call him a "Brousin." But regardless, he and his wife, Krystin, had the most precious baby girl, and we are thrilled.
Love these two girls! And even better, they live right down the street so lots of newborn snuggles in my future!

That's a wrap for May!

I think...

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