Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister!

A few weeks ago, I received the most surprising text of my life. It was a picture sent to me by my younger brother who lives in LA. It was sent in the evening hours (west coast time), so I am thinking that he met someone famous and snapped a pic. Boy, was I completely thrown for a loop when I opened the picture and saw a hand with an engagement ring! My brother had proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, Caroline!

Holy Diamond, Batman! This was a shocker to everyone...including Caroline herself!

We could not be happier for the two of them, and I am sooooo excited about their wedding (probably next June in LA). I have never been to California, so that would be so neat to go out there next summer with the family.

We all could not be happier...knowing that Eric has found the love of his life AND it's our sweet, precious "Aunt La-line."

Congratulations, guys! We love you so much!

1 comment:

Cheryl Lage said...

What an adorable and clearly happy couple! Congrats on your new Sister!


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