Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye, Preschool...Hello, World!

Friday, May 28th, was Brooklyn's last day of pre-school. What a bittersweet day! To celebrate her "graduation," Brooklyn gave me one last "tour" of her classroom.
Upon arrival, all kids sign in.
Drop your stuff off in your cubby and get your letter for the "center board."

Don't forget to wash hands! (and sing the ABC's)

All the kids were outside on the playground but before we went out Brooklyn gave me a tour of the centers inside.




Home Living


Where Brooklyn naps...her family collage

The Center many choices!

Then we ventured outside where we met up with her wonderful teacher, Ms. Jeanna, and one of her best friends, Kate.

Brooklyn and Kate decided to give me a tour of the playground.

Goodbye school! Thanks for taking care of my baby girl and getting her more than ready for Kindergarten!

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