Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 63 Month Birthday, Brooklyn!

I am quickly learning as a mom of 2 kids that things need to be as even as you possibly can make it. is Brooklyn's 63 month birthday post. :-)

Brooklyn's last day of school is TODAY! I know we only had to pay for daycare for 2 kids for 5 weeks (thank you, Girl Scouts, Gramma, and Aunt Patty!), but HOLY COW, that was an expensive 5 weeks. But I do have to say that it makes me very sad to see Brooklyn leave the school that has co-raised her since she was 7 weeks old. We have been sooooo blessed by the best childcare facility in the world (as far as I am concerned!), and I look forward to the next 5 years with Jake. :-)

Brooklyn will spend a week with Gramma, a week with me, and then the whole summer with Chad. She's a great kid, but can a little stubborn and sassy at times. A few weeks ago, we implemented this chart for behavior....otherwise it would be a looooooong summer for Chad :-)

Each time she does one of these things (without being reminded or forced against her will), she gets a star sticker. Brooklyn helped come up with most of the items on the list, and she gets super excited when she gets to put a sticker on (which, as you can see, comes easier for some tasks/behaviors more than others). Once a row is full with 15 stars, we'll take a trip to the dollar store or the Target dollar bin. (Again, 2 kids in daycare = no money!)

Let's see.....Brooklyn at 63 months....loves Dancing With The Stars (go, Nicole & Derek!), American Idol (Katie was her favorite), 19 Kids And Counting, and this new Quintuplet show on TLC. She loves to do worksheets in this Kindergarten workbook that Chad bought her for the summer, but she is tearing through that so fast, she'll be in 1st grade by June and middle school by August. She enjoys singing songs from Shout and Grace Reigns Down....and the current favorite in the van DVD player is Nick Jr Christmas (Dora, Blues Clues, and Little Bill Christmas shows).

She and Chad have a busy summer planned with golf, trips to his school, the playground, painting my living room and downstairs bath, trimming hedges....well, you get the picture. They'll stay busy. :-)

So, my precious first born....Happy 63 month birthday! I love you, sweet girl!

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