Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A year of grief...and another thank you

"Grief is not something to be fixed. It's something to be borne, together. And when the time is right, there is always something that is born from it. After real grief, we are reborn as people with wider and deeper vision and greater compassion for the pain of others. We know that. So through our friend's grief, we maintain in our hearts the hope that in the end, good will come of it. But we don't say that to our friend. We let our friend discover that on her own. Hope is a door each one must open for herself." -Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On Warrior

For the last year, you all have walked the path of grief with us. You have opened your hearts to us. You have expanded your prayers to include us. You have shown us those doors of Hope...but allowed us to walk through at the times when we were ready. Sometimes you knew we needed you to hold our hands and walk through with us. Just like sometimes you knew we needed to walk through some doors alone.

In thinking about this day, I had thought about just reposting the "Thank You" post that I did last year. Many of the sentiments, if not all, still ring true today.

But I would be remiss if I didn't say another thank you again today.

For the prayers.
For the meals.
For the talks.
For the tissues.
For the laughs.
For the memories.
For the songs.
For the letters.
For the voicemails.
For the cardinals.
For the texts.
For the runs.
For the shoulders.
For the love.

Thank you.

Thank you for loving us. For loving Larry. And for standing by us this past year.

We could not have made it through each holiday passing day without you.

And we carry you all with us in our hearts as we walk through those Doors of Hope into the next year.

Thank you.

Love continues to hold us ALL together.

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