Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Recap: #splitaplatelosesomeweight

Month 2 is in the books...

#splitaplatelosesomeweight is still in full swing.

In February, Chad and I split 7 meals.

The good news? That's one less meal than January.

The bad news? We seemed to have eaten a tremendous amount of burritos and cheeseburgers...which as one would guess, is not really conducive to the whole "lose some weight" part of the plan. Even when you are only eating half.

We used our holiday freebies on President's Day and Valentine's Day and the "bonus day" on Brooklyn's birthday.

It's still a challenge, but I do find it kinda "fun." (Chad would probably disagree.) For March, I would like to continue to cut down on eating out and maybe lay off the red meat, but we shall see. :-)

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