Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finishing up the February happenings...

March 8th...not too bad to be wrapping up February.

Several weeks ago, Jake attended a birthday party for his friend, Ella. It was a superhero party and Jake had a BLAST.

For Black History Month, Jake had to write a "report" for school. His person was Harriet Tubman. He wrote a sentence about her contributions, the dates she lived and drew a picture.

Friday, February 13, we met our family for dinner. Claire had a great time with her cousins.
And Aunt Jaclyn ordered ice cream, which didn't hurt matters...

Brooklyn came to work with me during a teacher work-afternoon, and I gave her an Excel job. I mean, when you are in 4th grade, your days of coloring in Mommy's office are over.
(And yes, I realize that last sentence is ironic since Brooklyn is sitting in front of two posters in my office that have been colored. But that's what they pay ME the big bucks to do.)

So, welp, that's February in a nutshell.

And you all know how I feel about March...

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