Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day FUN?!

The jury is still out on whether or not I consider snow days fun. Looking back on these pictures, it appears that we had a wonderful day filled with memories the kids will cherish forever.

In the moment, however, I am a big ball of stress- rescheduling meetings in my head, praying that our power stays on (and having mini heart attacks every time the lights flash), and constantly wiping the snow tracks off the hardwood floors.

But these nuggets had a great day either way you look at it.

And I used them for some Girl Scout marketing...

The grown-ups enjoyed some quick sledding down the driveway. (Hey, it's got to be good for something.)

And I made a pitiful snowman with Jake.

Jake called him Snow Feet. I had him use Thin Mints as eyes, so we could use him for more shameless Girl Scout marketing.

And then we all made our own personlized Snow Cream. What's that, you say? Thin Mint Snow Cream? Why, yes, yes, I will.

Judging by all the pictures that I saw on Facebook, so many of my local friends had a great snow day. Me? I'm ready for some Pappy's Paradise pool time. Bring on SUMMER!

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