Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A weekend of music...great music.

The best music really because who doesn't love music performed by an old, dear friend? And then a guest appearance by my sweet, talented hubby.

Our friend, Brendan, performed with his fellas at Cats Cradle on Friday night. We headed to one of my favorite cities, Chapel Hill, after work with my parents and met our friends, Todd and Lori, for dinner and the show.

A fabulous show and maybe even a little biscuit pudding to end the night.

Saturday night proved just as fun when we met more friends for another night of Brendan and Co. A beautiful backyard concert 10 minutes from home. Perfect.

Yep. Brendan gave Chad some stage time, too.
[photo cred: Paul Heist]

Here's a few quick video snippets from both nights. If you haven't checked out Brendan yet (first of all why not because I have blogged about him probably a dozen times), please do at www.brendanjames.com. You won't be disappointed.

(And yes I am aware I didn't get any pictures of us with Brendan but we just did in Charlotte a few weeks ago so in case you are wondering, we pretty much all still look like this.) :-)

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