Friday, September 26, 2014

An Unbirthday Birthday

Last week, I had to make a tough parenting decision. Jake had a birthday party to attend of one of his best school friends at 2:30pm on Saturday. Around 11am, he started complaining of stomach pains and laid in the bed for hours just whimpering and laying very still. I was afraid he was coming down with a stomach bug so I watched him like a hawk with trashcan in hand and towel laid across the bed.

And of course, texted the party mom and told her we would not be attending "just in case" he was coming down with something.

Well, 5 hours later, Jake ended up being fine. And 5 hours later, he popped up out of bed ready to "go to Olivia's party."

Oh, poor Jake. When I broke the news that he had missed the party, he was devestated. (And for a reason I really couldn't explain...I mean, "Jake, we don't want to be that family that everyone talks about on Facebook bringing their pre-pukey kid to the party and infects the whole party or worse, pukes AT the party...etc etc.")

He started crying so hard that I thought then he really was gonna puke, so I had to act fast.

I told him we would have a birthday party for HIM. Right that second.

It kinda just came out before I even thought it all through.

But, without haste, I ran to the closet and got out one of my emergency presents (yup, I have those), and wrapped it. When Jake saw that I would wrap presents, he started throwing items down the hall to be wrapped so he would have "lots and lots of presents." (Thank goodness he was satisfied opening presents he already owned.)
This smile was totally worth wasting a whole roll of wrapping paper.

We didn't stop there, though. 4 candles in a brownie. Yup.
Make a wish, Jake!

Playing with his only "new" present.
I think it was the best "unbirthday" Jake has ever had, and I got my wish of not ending up with a sick child.

For now. :-)

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Kelly said...

Aaaaaw sweet Jake! We definitely missed him but we're so glad he is OK! You are awesome to have come up with the birthday party at home idea! I'll have to keep that in my back pocket just in case!


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