Friday, September 5, 2014


...we celebrate this girl.

Actually, we have been celebrating her all summer, but tomorrow is like THE.REALLY.BIG.DAY.

Tomorrow, one of my oldest and dearest friends marries the love of her life.

Tomorrow is her day.

Heidi is the only other roommate I have ever had. We went to high school together and lived together for four years in college, and I have to say that Chad had mighty big shoes to fill when he and I got married the summer after graduation.

It will be an honor to stand beside this woman when she says her "I do." My smile will probably be just as big as hers. :-)

The Sunday I came back from the Johnson beach trip, we hosted a bridal shower for Heidi. Many of her family members and close friends attended and it was a great afternoon.

Saturday August 23, we celebrated Heidi's final moments of being single with her Bachelorette Party. This was a super fun night that started with dinner at Europa and traveled around downtown Greensboro.

Not too many pictures of that night can be shared here on the blog, but trust me when I tell you it was fun. :-)

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