Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The First Day of FOURTH GRADE

I know y'all. I can't believe it either.

Brooklyn started fourth grade on Thursday, August 21. She was all smiles in the morning (and yes, all smiles later that afternoon).

I'm not gonna lie. Third grade was a challenging year for us. The attitude reared its ugly head on many occasions. I know it's just her asserting independence and testing the waters, but geez, I'd like to keep the gray out of my hair and the wrinkles out of my forehead until I am at least 40.

I am realistic enough to know that it won't disappear overnight.

But here's hoping that this look will come less often in fourth grade. :-)

Looks and all, though, I'm very proud of this girl, and the little lady she is becoming. She is maturing more and more every day, and though I'm not always happy about the idea of my baby girl growing up, I am excited to start to see glimpses of the person she is growing up to be.

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