Thursday, September 4, 2014

The "Rest of Summer" Photo Dump

Since this dump, here are some other pictures from our summer.

Because we did do a few other things besides go to the beach. :-)

Sweet baby Claire

This kid.

Baby Callie

Frozen night at Barnes and Noble

Making snowmen

When cleaning out the pantry I found a handwritten recipe from Pops for ribs. I love this on so many levels.

Lots of time at Pappy's Paradise.

Summer was interrupted by some "fall" recruitment for Girl Scouts. But it's all good. Love this crazy time of year!

There was Ansley's 5th birthday at the bowling alley.

And lots of baby Claire time watching her grow up (and grow pig tails)!

And the kids got a "back to school" gift. Beta fish for each of them.
Meet Dribbles and Olaf.

It's been a great summer! Here's to an even better fall!

But maybe not before we get a few more trips to the pool squeezed in...

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