Thursday, April 16, 2015

And then we were off on a west coast adventure!

Monday, April 6, we hit the road (and the skies) and headed to visit my brother and sister in law in Los Angeles, California for spring break.

We rented this awesome house through Airbnb.

We were sooo happy with our decision to rent a home instead of two hotel rooms. Being on east coast time half the vacation and waking up bright and early, as well as just having space to "hang out" and relax, was priceless. And the big plus was that it was only 0.6 miles from Eric and Caroline's house.

On Tuesday, we visited the Los Angeles Griffith Park Travel Town Museum, where basically we got to climb on a bunch of cool, old trains and then ride on a cool, old kiddie one. :-)

Then we ate lunch at this awesome place called the Mess Hall Kitchen where I had never been more proud of my daughter as when she ordered fried chicken and waffles and ate most every bite. :-)

See? The house was perfect for just snuggling and for Caroline to uncover the next fun thing for our family do to (or eat!).

Lots more to cover but too many pictures for one post!

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