Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why not throw an amusement park in the mix?

Since Wednesday was an "Adult day" with Hollywood tours and brewery stops, Thursday was the opposite end of the spectrum when we spent the day at Disneyland's California Adventure theme park.

We all had a BLAST, and it was definitely a good "warm up" for our Disney World vacation planned for later in the year.

The main attraction for Jake was Radiator Springs Cars Land. He LOVED seeing all the characters rolling around the streets. And I love seeing my kids experience the Disney magic.

The kids also experienced their first "big ride" with this ferris wheel that not only went super far up and around but the cars also swung and slid.

Aside from the Cars characters, Jake had no interest waiting in line to meet characters....seeing them off to the side was exciting enough.

Nothing says a day at an amusement park like a turkey leg...

Toys Mania 3D ride...

One of the fastest roller coasters I have ever been on- California Screamin'

More Cars characters...

Another huge highlight was the Pixar Parade....Jake could not contain himself seeing all the Monsters U and Nemo characters and Mater ending the parade.

Our last ride before we left was the Tower of Terror....Eric, Caroline, Caroline's sister Sarah, and I rode this one and had a indicated in our faces in the bottom left corner. :-)

What a fun (but exhausting!) day with the family!

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