Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Moments

While we all know how I feel about March, we did have some sweet moments...

Brooklyn's Girl Scout troop attended their area's Thinking Day celebration where they "visited" a ton of countries and learned so much about international culture.

Brooklyn and Claire had some girl time on Gramma's floor...
...and then Claire played "squish the Brooklyn."

The kids and I tried our hand at ugly selfies...

And Brooklyn validated me on social media as a "super cool mom."
(Though don't try to "friend" her on Instagram. She is not allowed to have followers and I think she already forgot that she has an Instagram account. It was important to her for about 2.5 days.)

The cousins had one of their regular dance parties...

And Jake and Brooklyn enjoyed some indoor swimming with Nanny and Grandpa.

Can we just go ahead and jump into Summer?! I'm ready for pool time, too!

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