Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 3: Hollywood, here we come!

It's no secret that when our wheels touch down in California, I immediately go on high alert for celebrities. I LOVE the idea of just "running into" a celeb (A list or B list, doesn't matter) at like a Starbucks or a local restaurant. (You know, "stars are like people too.") But I will also take a red carpet on Hollywood Blvd promoting America's Got Talent and catching a glimpse of Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, too.

None of us (Eric and Caroline included) had ever taken a tour around Hollywood so we bought passes for a one hour trolley tour and really enjoyed seeing a few fun things around the city.

Paramount Studios where they film The Doctors and Dr. Phil

Paramount Pictures for films

Raleigh Studios where one of my favorite shows, "Once Upon A Time," is filmed.

A peek at the Hollywood Sign...

Capitol Records

From Hollywood, we headed to something a little more "relaxed" and "normal" for us- a brewery. :-) Golden Road Brewery had a lovely lawn with games for the kids like dominoes, connect four, foosball, etc.

And we totally got used to the gorgeous 75 degree sunny weather very quickly.

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