Thursday, June 4, 2015

Did you know we went to the Outer Banks?

In some ways it feels like a dream because it was so long ago, but April 25-28 our family traveled to Nags Head for a mini beach vacation.

We had this great house a block from the beach...which was really too cold and windy to fully enjoy, but that didn't stop us from a few short visits.

Full Day 1 was kinda rainy and cold, so we headed to the Wright Brothers Museum in Kitty Hawk. I was totally fascinated and the kids actually enjoyed it, too.

Then, according to the web, we HAD to stop and get "world famous" milkshakes from John's Drive In. "World Famous" was a bit of a stretch. They were good, but I don't think these people had ever had a Cook-Out milkshake before.

I also made Chad go through this Brew Thru (when in Rome, right?). I don't even drink beer but the idea of driving through what looks like a carwash and someone handing me a six pack was too good not to experience firsthand.

When the rain cleared, the kids enjoyed the hot tub with Grandpa.

There was just a lot of snuggles and goofiness, too.

Finally on Day 2/3, the temps warmed up enough for the kids to swim.

They were very happy campers...

One afternoon, we traveled to Bodie Island Lighthouse and climbed the 200 steps up and 200 steps down. The kids did awesome!

I've said it before and I'll say in again...time with family is priceless. When given the opportunity to travel with our kids and our parents, we take it. A few days off work and school is the small price to pay when you are making memories such as this.

We were so thankful for this trip to see a part of the state we had never seen before. A little history, a little activity, a little (very little) sun, and lots of love and laughter.

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