Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sleeping on a Ball Field?! What?!

When I tell you you can do crazy, random things that you never even thought possible with the Girl Scouts, you should believe me!
Last weekend, June 5/6, Brooklyn's troop spent the night on a baseball field with 300-400 other Triad Girl Scouts. Like, yeah. Whoa.
We started the night like any other game night....only they let us have a Recruitment table set up with goodies and also flashed our logo on the jumbotron a few times. (Thanks, Grasshoppers!)

All the Girl Scouts participated in a pre-game parade and giant flag ceremony. They were TOO CUTE.

All the girls enjoyed the game with the general public in the stands, but after the last firework exploded, all non-Girl Scouts left the stadium and then it was PARTY TIME.
Since I already had a ton of fun with the girls the weekend before at Camporee, I shared the wealth with two other Girl Scout moms.
This picture made its way on social media around 2am. They were still going strong. :-)

They did finally give in and sleep some, but when the sun came up, the stadium staff kindly provided them breakfast and said goodbye. 

Thank you, Greensboro Grasshoppers, for another great collaboration with the Girl Scouts! You rock! (And so does this Junior troop!)

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