Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Keep Calm and Camp Together

May 30-31 was Brooklyn's troop's Camporee with other local troops. Her troop needed an extra chaperone so volunteered was volunteered to join them. :-)

It was their first time sleeping in tents and that was an experience in itself...but we all survived and lived to tell the tale the next day. :-)

They started the day off with low ROPES/team building activities. And for those of you who say "ROPES?"
R ecreation: An Opportunity to Have Fun!
O bservation: Learn About Yourself and Others
P roblem Solving: Demonstrate Your Skills
E xperiential Education: Learn by Doing
S elf Esteem: Feel Great About Yourself!

Then, we ran into our favorite Cadette Girl Scout, who just so happened to have her troop staying in the unit adjacent to ours.

There is always skit/song time at the end of the evening with a campfire. The girls were soooo excited about this and spent a good amount of time writing, planning, and practicing.

After lunch and skit writing, they did fishing and boating.

A few songs after dinner...

Finally, the big moment arrived when they performed their original skit, "Girls Got Talent," at the campfire. They did AMAZING!

And my favorite part....S'MORES.

What an amazing group of young ladies. They continue to amaze me each time I see them work together and support each other. It's what Girl Scouting is all about, y'all.

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