Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We're Living with a Graduate, Folks!

While Friday, June 5th, was Jake's last day of school, Saturday the 6th was Jake's "Preschool Graduation Ceremony/Cookout."

It started off a little rocky, to put it mildly. Jake (4th from left with an Oprah ugly cry face on) did NOT want to sing the super sappy graduation song.

But, he then came around, perked up, received his certificate (with a little help from mama- hey, I won't do it for his HIGH SCHOOL graduation), and sang the closing song.

Such a sweet class with the sweetest teacher! Ms. Alex was in Jake's class when they were 3/4, left to start a new class, and then came back around (when his other teacher left) to send them off to Kindergarten. Jake loves her and his classmates so much. It was hard to explain to him that he was done there for the summer, and they were all going their separate ways in the fall. We have many playdates planned for the summer!

We were a little bit proud. :-)

Love that our family could be there, too!

Our "gift" for the day was a binder notebook FULL of Jake's art and achievements since almost his start at VK.

I opened page 1 and had to put it away for a while. (TEARS!) What a sweet memento and such an awesome reminder of how far Jake has come in 5 years.

So, here we are, 2 weeks and 2 days into summer after graduation. Jake is doing great...loving that he doesn't have to take naps anymore...and Chad is surviving with both kids.

And all that "extra" money from no daycare? Well, I just "donated" it all to Crown Honda for a new air conditioner and rear brake pads for the van. Yup. Easy come, easy go.

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