Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Update: #splitaplatelosesomeweight

I'm the worst blogger ever and have 11 entries in "draft format" right now. I promise to be better. :-)

So, I'm starting with something easy- the May update for #splitaplatelosesomeweight.

No vacations- so we are already in better shape than we were in April.

Here's a re-cap.
May had two holidays- Mother's Day and Memorial Day. We had some lovely non-splitting meals at Moe's (oh, love that chicken quesadilla) and Mad Hatter (veggie burger, I have missed you).

Our May "freebie" was a random take out night where we got Elizabeth's Pizza and I had my favorite Chicken Caprese Salad. 

Now, for the meals we did split...

A night of pizza where our family of 4 split a pizza, and Chad and I got side salads...

A Sunday night meatloaf wrap and Filling Station salad. YUM!

One of our usual Sunday night Moe's beef burritos...

Not pictured: Moe's Chicken Burrito 5/3/15

So, all in all, 7 meals out and 4 were split.

I would call May a success.


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