Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 10 months, Jake!

I don't know if I am more in disbelief that Jake is 10 months today, or that I actually posted this entry on the 26th! :-)

Here's my sweet boy at 10 months old...

What an eventful month this has been! With Jake crawling and pulling up, we have a much happier, mobile baby. But with that, we also have more bumps and bruises. :-) We are all surviving, and he's a tough baby- thank goodness! Our biggest fear was the downstairs hardwood floors, but as long as he has some traction (ie: no footie pj's), he's good to go.

We interrupt this blog post to play with the baby monitor and lamp...

OK we're back...and brought in Brooklyn and Daddy for reinforcement.

Jake continues to be a good eater but is not a huge fan of finger foods other than Cheerios and Puffs. In baby food, he eats all the usuals, but I have also added blueberry applesauce and apricots. This week, I also bought some of the Stage 3 meals that I will try soon. I am hoping that as I introduce him to more mashed up table foods little by little, he will transition easily at one year to all table foods. So far, I have given him mashed potatoes (not impressed), mac and cheese (fine if fed on a spoon but not when he has to pick up), and baked beans (mashed up but LOVED).
He is still completely breastfed and uses a sippy cup for water. I have loved being able to provide him with all his liquid nourishment the past 10 months, but I have to say that it's starting to wear on me a bit (read: I WANT MY BODY BACK). But, it's just 9.5 more weeks (but who's counting?) and I am so proud that I was able to save our family sooooo much money by making this decision.

We're still sporting the mohawk hair-do...but that's just what nature has done, and we are rolling with it. Occasionally he gets it spiked up but it falls pretty quickly. :-)
As far as size, I reported after last doctor's visit he was a little over 25 pounds. He is wearing 12-24 month clothes, depending on the brand and the style. I am hoping that I just won't have to buy him new clothes for the next year because he has really plateaued in growth.

Jake loves playing with toys on the floor. Favorites include: Brooklyn's old teeny kitchen that sits on the floor that makes cooking noises, stacking blocks, animal book (with real animal pictures), a toothbrush or hairbrush, a small Dora soccer ball, and Brooklyn's ball popper that we just pulled out of storage. We can sometimes bribe him to sit in the exersaucer for a few minutes if we give him some Cheerios or Puffs on the tray.
Jake will also sometimes find entertainment on TV when Brooklyn is watching Nick Jr. His favorite character is Moose who talks in between the different shows. It's very cute to see him hear Moose's voice and then turn around to find where it is coming from.

Sleeping was a challenge this month. I think between getting two bottom teeth and just being between 9-10 months (a time our doctor says baby sometimes go through a "sleep disturbance phase"), Jake was starting to wake up 2-3 times a night. But, we went against everything we ever did with Brooklyn and let him cry it out (I'll have to post on this later on!), and within about 5-7 days, he was sleeping through the night again. He has decided that bedtime is between 7-7:30am (LOVE) and wake time is 5-5:30am (NOT LOVE). The last 2 mornings he stretched to 6:10am, and I know it's a mental thing, but I just feel sooo much more rested when I see a 6 on the clock when I open my eyes. :-)
I know I probably say this every month, but Jake truly is such a great baby! He's friendly, smiley, squishy, silly, slobberly, snuggly, and giggly. We just love him so much and cannot wait to see what the next month holds for our youngest Johnson baby!

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Amy Johnson said...

Jake is adorable!!! It's funny how our boys are so similar in some aspects, yet so different in others. I think I need to hear how your "cry it out" nights worked. . .take care!


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