Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Half Birthday, Brooklyn!

Today, Brooklyn turns 5 1/2. We celebrated by dropping her off at Gramma and Pops' house so Chad and I could attend her Kindergarten parent meeting. :-) We did, however, bring home special caramel sundaes for her half birthday dessert!

Well, you all obviously know by now that Brooklyn started Kindergarten last week....so that's been pretty much what's been going on with her.

Chad snuck this picture of her while walking by art class this week....she is standing in the teal shirt. So grown up!

I had a Girl Scout skating event last Saturday so I took Brooklyn with me and let her try skating for the first time.

She was so excited and so proud of herself. That is, until she slipped and rolled underneath the foosball table and scraped her leg up pretty bad. A cherry sno-cone stopped the tears but I thought skating was behind us forever. She completely surprised me, though, by finishing her sno-cone and putting her skates on by herself. She got right back up and skated around the carpeted area for the rest of the event. I was quite shocked but very proud...and it just shows me just how much she has grown up this summer.

Brooklyn ADORES her little brother...and I think considers him somewhat of the pet she's never had.

She loves sitting on the floor and playing with him...and then dragging him back onto her lap and trying to force his head on her shoulder.

She loves to make Jake giggle and smile and considers herself his "second mommy" or "mommy in charge" when I am not present.

Brooklyn has become quite the videographer these days. She loves to play on my iPhone, and I often get it back with strange...er, unique pictures and videos that she has taken.

She is apparently starring in her own iCarly video in the grocery cart at Harris Teeter. I actually had no idea she was taping in the cart...this was one of 5 videos I found on my phone later that week. (Brooklyn started watching some regular Nickelodeon during a week when she and her "big sister" Allie spent time together....iCarly is actually tolerable.)

We've tried to stick to a 8:00pm bedtime since school has started. We've done it twice in four days, but that's our fault because of some evening engagements. I hope to be more diligent about this, but Brooklyn has done GREAT waking up at 6:30am...and I am hoping it's because she is excited about going to school.

So far, Brooklyn says PE is her favorite class. But I think she has also enjoyed Art and Music. She even came home singing "This Land is Your Land" today and has started learning the Pledge of Allegiance. Her teacher says that she is adjusting well and slowly coming out of her shell. (I kinda hope she stays in her shell a teeny bit or this teacher is in for an iCarly/Grace Reigns Down/Shout service/Duggar family performance very soon.)

Brooklyn is still a great eater and her new favorite dinner has been either tacos or campfire chicken (where you put a chicken breast, potatoes, and carrots in aluminum foil, wrap up and bake in oven). She LOVES milk and doesn't ever really ask for juice. Her favorite treat is visiting Feeney's, a self serve frozen yogurt bar.

We have been so busy lately that Brooklyn actually hasn't been into the TV, but when she does need some "quiet time" she watches 19 Kids and Counting or Nick Jr. She loves Olivia and was tickled when she found out she has an Olivia in her class. She also LOVES the Fresh Beat Band...they are tolerable, but I can't get over the fact that one of the chicks used to be on Days of Our Lives so all I see is "Stefanie Johnson" when I watch that show.

That's about all I can think of right now....Brooklyn is just an absolute joy 90% of the time. We are working on that other 10%, but I think now that the kid has more structure in her schedule, she will be better off. She's smart, beautiful, hilarious, shy, bubbly, and just plain fun to be with. Her favorite thing to do all summer was go to the pool...and boy have I loved the great tan we both got this summer from her obsession with the water.

Our next big adventure is Uncle Drew and Aunt Molly's wedding next week. We will travel to the mountains for a weekend with both our families. Brooklyn, Allie, and I will help with the guest book and programs, Chad will usher, Jake will just be cute, and Brooklyn and Allie are also Flower Girls. We are very excited to see everyone!

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