Friday, August 13, 2010

to remember forever

There are moments like these I want to remember forever. When Brooklyn is 14 and hates me and hates the world, I want to click back to this post and remember the sweetest 5 year old ever with the best sparkly personality (in the privacy of her own home).

She LOVES to help me cook or bake (which now that we are dieting we are trying to do more often, experimenting with healthy recipes). Here she is helping me make corn and black bean salsa for my Bunko party tonight. (BTW, cannot wait to see my Girl Scout buddies tonight!)

And then 14 year old Brooklyn will lean over my shoulder, see this post, and exclaim "OMG Mom! This is soooo embarassing! I am going to die if my friends see this!" And I will just smile and know that as the past 14 years have had its ups and downs and phases...this too will be just another phase.

You will probably only appreciate this video if you watch So You Think You Can Dance. But even if you don't, you may enjoy hearing my "pee in your pants" laughter in the background. (My brother-in-law seemed to get a kick out of hearing it in the "Jake in the bouncer" video.) Brooklyn's new favorite game is pretending to be Cat Deeley, host of SYTYCD.

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Elizabeth LeConey said...

hey, she's got that down pat! hilarious!


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