Thursday, August 12, 2010

one week left!

Today marks one week until Brooklyn's first day of school. As my recent Facebook statuses documented, it took forever for us to get out to Target to buy all her supplies. Probably part denial of having a baby old enough for Kindergarten and partly because I dreaded the final bill! We went Sunday morning and Target was heavenly...not a soul around...and we saved $8.00 with it being the tax free weekend. Double Yay! Brooklyn was very excited to pick out her backpack (we teetered between iCarly and Hello Kitty with the cat winning), her lunchbox (Hello Kitty- she said they had to match- YES, she is my daughter!), and a pink pencil box.

What a sweet Kindergartener I have! I am sure she will be very nervous and scared her first day of school (my poor, painfully shy daughter), but I give her a week before she LOVES it!

1 comment:

T. Poole said...

I will have to join you in Denial-ville. I envision her in the baby carrier. OMG, how time flies. Remember to be a big girl when you take her to school. It will not help her to see you crying your eyes out!!!


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