Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today would have been my grandmother's birthday. I miss this women more than words can express.

Though her body has been physically gone from this earth since December, her mind had been slipping away from us for some time before then.

I don't weep for her loss in that I truly rejoice knowing she is with our God and with my grandfather, her Fast Eddie, in heaven now.

But I do weep for the memories...

...the sweet, sweet memories.

...the 30+ years of memories of a women whose lap I never left, whose laugh was contagious, whose arms were never empty (yet never, ever full), and who loved me and my family more than anything.

So, happy birthday, Grandma. Squeeze Grandpa and Larry for me and let them treat you like the queen you always were.

Today is your day.

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