Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vacation Recap 1 of 4

Last week, we spent a glorious week at Ocean Isle Beach. This week's trip was spent with my family (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and another whole house full of the best friends that are really like family).

The kids do so well traveling, and I was THRILLED that they chose to listen to some good music (aka Brendan James) on the way there instead of our normal Cars or Planes or Nemo.

We arrived with no trouble or traffic in time for our annual lunch at Sharkey's. Yum!

This year's house (2 Channel) was beautiful. We love Island Park and always find great rentals there.

A little fishing with Nanny would have made Pops proud...

Because we don't see Caroline and Eric for all our birthdays, we celebrate at the beach. The kids LOVE this tradition and, as always, they got some great gifts from their aunt and uncle, including a "make your own claymation video" set and a Frozen Trouble Game.

Uncle Eric tried to encourage Brooklyn to get some summer reading done. No luck though. :-)

Always lots of arts and crafts!

And we always have a great time socializing in the evenings. On Friday, we celebrated Chad's birthday with our whole group. Yummy cake and lots of laughs.

More vacation recap coming soon....too many pictures for one post!

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