Friday, July 24, 2015

Vacation Recap 2 of 4: Beach time!

These kids were amazing this year at the beach. They would spend HOURS outside and not complain once. I was just in disbelief but loved every second we were out there with our toes in the sand.

Not to mention, our "load" has definitely decreased since the days of small children.

And of course, bribing them with Sunset Slush icees every day helped our cause, too.

Jake found a new hobby with Uncle Eric...super cute buddies!

Loved the time we had everyone outside at once. Always someone to talk to!

(But really, in all honesty, Jake and Brooklyn only had eyes for two people...)

And I shared this on Facebook too but here is my beach PSA for parents: Don't just scan the waters for sharks. Keep an eye out for unsupervised children flying kites in the middle of a crowded beach not paying attention. Luckily, I was watching Jake when this kid suddenly clotheslined him. I was able to grab the string away from his neck but not before it left a cut.
But aside from this minor altercation...we had a FABULOUS time on the beach at Ocean Isle.

With no sharks. :-)

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