Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation Re-cap 4 of 4: What's a vacation re-cap without a post devoted entirely to food?

One of the best things about a week at the beach is the extra time...

...to eat
...to make fun foods you wouldn't normally make
...that you then eat
...and buy foods that you wouldn't normally buy
...to eat.

One night we made our own personalized pizzas which is basically like a craft and a meal all in one.

And the much anticipated crab leg night...
...where we upped our poundage to 13.

Because this little one is now partaking...

SO sad when it's over...

Almost as sad as the last day of vacation when we drown our sorrows by finishing off the ice cream in the freezer at 8:30am...

I love my family so much and this week at the beach is always such a special time. Can't wait to do it all again in about 50 weeks!

Until then, I have some running and Zumba to do to counteract the crab ice cream pizza pounds. :-)

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