Friday, November 6, 2015

Date Day...Like 2 MONTHS AGO.

Arghhhhh....I am the worst blogger ever. But I needed to take some time away from writing. Facebook status updates even seemed too daunting and there was too much (internal) pressure to post something either witty or heartfelt or both in the same.

But I am going to try to get this blog caught up with real life....sooner than later.

Let's start with something easy.

The last weekend in August, Chad and I had a lovely 36 hours or so together, kidless.

We had dinner with some dear friends Friday night and then woke up early to run the Color Vibe 5K race.

Honestly, we had such a busy day planned that we drove to the parking deck, parked, got out, started running with the heat that had already started, ran for about 32 minutes, ran by the water table, had the water distributor snap our pic, and then left for home.

Why did we rush, you ask? Because I had a baby to meet and snuggle!!

Meet my new precious "niece," Macie.

This sweet angel was born to one of my best friends and Carolina Girls, Heidi, on August 13, and I fell in love the minute I met her. With her living almost 2 hours away, I won't see her as often as I would like, but her mommy is good at sending us pics.

Chad and I continued our date day with a trip to Ikea (kinda a let down) and then a dinner with a committee from church.

I do love our family times more than anything, but it's always precious time when we can just be husband and wife.

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