Tuesday, November 24, 2015

October Randoms

I thought I was done with October, but in looking back at my phone pictures, I see we have just a few things to wrap up...
Goofin' around Johnzler-style

Celebrating our very own National Young Women of Distinction at work

Making our own play-doh

"Science Experiment" Playdate with some of our favorites!

Celebrating Misty's "real" birthday at Gramma's house

(She had more parties than Jake.)

The kids thought that Misty needed a "Smash Cake" for her 50th (because why should a one year old have all the fun?). And then they thought they should eat without forks.

Jake's impressive SpongeBob

The band played our annual Crop Walk for Hunger gig. Great music for a great cause.

School pics came in so it was time to replace the 5x7's in the living room. Crazy what a difference a year makes...

And, as you all know, we had an awesome family wedding a few weeks ago. The professional pics came in and entertained me for a full afternoon.

Welp. That should be a wrap for October. Right before we head into December...

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