Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 1 and Day 4: Epcot!

We kicked off our park visits with a trip to Epcot. (We planned our park days using a variety of variables, including what parks had extra "magic hours"- we avoided those- and when we could get dining reservations at certain places. This is what happens when you travel with several Type A individuals.)

Donned with our magic bands, we loaded the bus and headed to Epcot.


Epcot really has grown and enhanced itself in terms of being kid-friendly and Disney-fun. Back in the day, I remember dreading the "Epcot Day" when I traveled with my own family, remembering it to be boring and "educational." It sure has done a 180, and we all LOVED it and really maximized our two days there.

Being that it was the Food & Wine Festival didn't hurt either. :-)

Some technology fun and selfies on Spaceship Earth (another ride that has come a long way!)

Soarin' was a ride that we absolutely LOVED when we experienced it for the first time in 2013. Jake didn't ride it back then and was excited to do his first "big ride" now that he was tall enough.

The first of many group selfies...

The (almost) birthday boy used some Gramma souvenir money to buy some ears like the girls.

After the Nemo ride (another Jake and Brooklyn favorite), they played around with Bruce.

Our first evening ended with a nice dinner at Coral Reef. It was a late night so I bribed the kids with special glowing drinks to get us through dinner.

Disney "magic" in our photos...

We watched "Turtle Talk with Crush" on Day 1 and then, due to a HUGE rain shower Day 4, we ended up in there again. The second time, Jake sat right up front and just HOPED Crush would "call" on him.

Unfortunately, Jake didn't get called on (and I would not sit through it a THIRD time) but he still loved being up front.

At the end of Test Track is this awesome showroom where you can sit in and design cars and take pictures. We had a great time playing around in there.

This guy was in the Avenue of Americas making Disney characters out of a wet broom on the streets. Jake had a great time giving him character suggestions.

And Brooklyn found the biggest leaf ever...

Not that you are all reading these for your future Disney vacation planning, however, if you are, I would highly recommend and not at all miss the following: Nemo, Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space (don't be scared- do the full experience!), Test Track, Soarin', the little Donald Duck boat ride in Mexico, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Living with the Land.

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