Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It was a wild wedding weekend...

(It's feast or famine around here on the blog, folks. Bear with me, though, because it will probably take me all of November to finish up October.)

The weekend of October 16-18 was known as Wilson Wedding Weekend around our family!
"Why do I pack a notebook to attend a family wedding?" you ask.

'Cause you are looking at the wedding director and wedding singer right here, friends.

I was so honored that my cousin, Stefanie, trusted me to direct her most special day ever. The venue was the gorgeous The Farm at Brusharbor. A perfect venue for a perfect fall outdoor wedding.

Honestly, I didn't have a good deal of time to take pictures, because I ran around most of Friday and Saturday, but here are a few pictures I took throughout the weekend.

[For some awesome, professional ones, check out Stefanie's photographer, Erin Kranz's, blog entry on the day.]

Stefanie's sister (aka also my cousin), Jessica, and me at the rehearsal dinner.

Yes, it was a family wedding and yes, the kids did come with us, but thankfully Nanny and Grandpa helped us out a ton. And a unique hotel room definitely entertained them.

The super cute (and very tasty) wedding cake.

Wedding day gorgeousness

The awesome reception "Barn"

My cuties


My mom and her four siblings...I am so fortunate that I grew up in such a big, loving family that spent many holidays celebrating together.

Finally a pic with the beautiful bride

Reception selfies

I am the oldest of 11 cousins, and these ladies below all grew up very close in age together. I spent much of my childhood breaking up their fights, but I am so proud of the beautiful women they have all become. #sweetvalleyhighgamesforever

I am so happy for Stefanie and Tyler (who I realize I did not post a single pic of except for a far away rehearsal pic, but refer to my link to the photographer's website.) She features him quite a lot :-) I wish them nothing but a life filled with love and laughter and many, many memories.

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