Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cutest Cookie Booth

Last weekend, Brooklyn's Girl Scout Daisy troop participated in their first (and only) cookie booth. They were so excited and Brooklyn counted down the days!

First, I asked Brooklyn to make all the signs. She took her job very seriously. :-)
The girls wore these adorable costumes (on loan from the council) and their official Daisy vests and held the signs.
They were also very particular about the table and making sure everything was neatly organized. Wait, maybe that was me....
The cutest Peanut Butter Sandwich ever. :-)
The moms were so awesome and even offered curbside cookie service.
I mean, seriously, how could you say no to these cuties?
Their first cookie booth was a success, and they sold about 80 boxes that evening.
Thanks to everyone for supporting the cookie sale! Your purchase goes so much farther than the box of yummy cookies you take home. You are ensuring that girls 5-18 everywhere receive quality leadership and service opportunities that allow them make the world a better place.

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MegM said...

I'm so glad they did well!


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