Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need your help!

In an effort to partly help out a sorority friend of mine from college and also partly to earn a small prize, I entered three blog posts in a contest on Charlotte Mom Favorites, a blog written by Katie, a stay at home mom in Charlotte who runs a playgroup and writes a blog. My first of three posts is sitting here today, and I need a bit of traffic in order to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. So please click here. And even better, if you decide to click here, show me some love in the comments. :-) Note: I had to clarify the post in the comments section that this was written in 2008. Katie forgot to include my statement that it was my first blog post written when we were selling our first home. It sounds like we are thinking about expanding our family again (HA!) and that we have given away one of our children. I'll let you know when the other posts go live. And you know I had to carefully pick and choose what past posts to enter. Didn't think the stay-at-home-mom strangers would appreciate my working-send-the-kids-to-school-mom humor quite as much. :-) Though you ladies know I have some mad love for ya'll! Thanks for all your help by clicking here.

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