Saturday, March 5, 2011

I will praise You in the storm...

Dear God,

It's been a hel- I mean- a heck of a few days.

It started out Thursday morning when Jake woke up at 4:45am and did not go back to sleep. I mean, I finally got my body adjusting to the 5:30 wake up calls, but 4:45 was a bit much.

But then I started thinking about the family I know whose baby went to sleep one night. And then he didn't wake up. So I sat there, God, and I praised you for giving me a beautiful, healthy son...with a pair of healthy lungs. And I prayed for that family, and too many others like them, who are suffering the loss of a baby- or a child- or a parent. And I asked you to be with those people and their grief. And once again I thanked you for a healthy baby who allowed me extra time with him that morning.

So, the morning went on and by the time I went to work it was 7:45 and I had already been up for 3 hours. And I was tired. And then I got a call from Chad that said that Brooklyn's class was infested with head lice and she was the next victim. And I was a little grossed out. And a little pertubed that I had to spend about $40 and two days cleaning the house, changing out pillows, and treating my daughter's hair.

But then I realized how blessed I am to have $40 to pay for things like this that come up unexpectedly. And I, again, realized that I am blessed that my daughter is only suffering from lice. And not a broken bone. Or cancer.

So after an exhausting day, Chad and I went to bed only to be awakened at 12 by Brooklyn (room was too cold), 12:30 by Jake (quick cry and then back to sleep), and 2:15 by Jake (completely soaked through his pajamas and the bed). And so at 2:15am, Chad and I were changing crib sheets, and pajamas, and our own clothes.

And then I thanked you, God, for a husband like Chad. A man who jumps up out of a deep sleep ready to take on whatever is happening. A man who doesn't ever complain- just smiles and shakes his head. A man that will pat his baby boy's back as he drifts off to sleep or even go to sleep in a twin bed with his daughter after she has a bad dream.

So, God, as I am still working on doing laundry, and cleaning bathrooms, and balancing the checkbook that is "just enough," I praise You in the storm. I do know that this, too, shall pass. That one day, I will be waking up before my children in the morning. And one day they will make their own bed or get their own blanket when they are cold. And one day I will look back on this challenging week in the Johnson house and think, "Thank you, God, for my family- my perfect, precious family."



Christine said...


Thank God for you and your wonderful way of staying positive and grateful.


Elizabeth LeConey said...

You made me tear up! You are a great woman and mother!


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