Sunday, March 6, 2011

What A Girl Wants...

Recently I asked Brooklyn, as she is now 6 years old, what some of her favorites were. Here are her answers...

Food- Macaroni and cheese
Song- the Nickelodeon theme song
TV Shows- iCarly and Victorious
Movie- Strawberry Shortcake
Friends- Mallory, Avery, and Bryson
Saying- "I love you."
Animal- Butterfly
Restaurant- Feeney's
Book- I Like
Candy- Tootsie Roll
Drinks- Cherry juice (?)
Outfit- Dress
Activities- Watch TV; Jump on the trampoline
Shoes- High heels
Ways to land herself in time out- Lying; Saying "No"
Bath time activity- My baby girl no longer takes baths...she's all showers now!
Breakfast food- Pancakes
These were all her answers....some I would disagree with, but I didn't edit. I have no idea who's letting her drink "cherry juice."

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