Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone needs a facelift sometimes...

Well, Blogger may be driving me crazy with its squishiness, but thanks to my friend, Elizabeth, "Coupons and Thin Mints" has gotten a pretty new facelift. I'm still working on all the small details, but Elizabeth designed a great header for me with a picture taken by another fellow blogger and Ragsdale alum/mommy, Jennifer. I am so glad to know such talented peeps. I'll just keep the slow cooker recipes coming, folks, cause I don't have the photo or design skillz that these ladies have. :-) One more week of Biggest Loser and Iron Scout at work. Definitely out of the running for Iron Scout (I am amazed by the women who have done 77 out of 77 days- they are amazing!), but the Biggest Loser title is still up for grabs. Having won last season, I knew that it would be tough to win again, but I am hoping for a third place win. We shall see... Lots of new prayer requests this week. My heart just hurts for those who are grieving or suffering. Please continue to lift those mentioned in prayer, and let me know of anyone else we could be praying for. And BABIES! Please send me your submissions for the "Oh Baby!" list as well. I love praying for these sweet additions and celebrating in their births and then 1st birthdays! The C. Johnson family tree will no longer be sprouting any branches (thanks to my selfless and sacrificing husband!), so I am eager to celebrate YOUR babies and hug them and love them...and then give them back. :-) Current obsessions: 1. Words with Friends (name is JaclynJohnson if you wanna start a game) 2. The Secret Life of the American Teenager (I've been watching it via Netflix on my phone while working out. I'm only on Season 1, Ep.5 so I have a ways to go. I have been trying to avoid seeing commericals on TV showing me what's currently happening.) 3. Still loving on my crock pot (Though now I think I want a fancier one for my birthday with programmable times. Does that even exist? I'm sure it does.) 4. Salad

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