Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Way Back When-esday: St. Patrick's Day edition (kinda)

Here are some pics of St. Patrick's Days past (or at least the week of)...

2005: We were not thinking green these days! Having a three week old, our lives were all baby girl pink!
2006: Brooklyn (sporting her lime green onesie) was interested in only one thing- getting outside in her car!
2007: We were actually a bit more purposeful in our wardrobe planning...and Brooklyn was perfecting the art of two-fisted drinking.
2008: Somehow my pictures went from Brooklyn's birthday party to Easter...I am guessing we were staying busy with our 3 year old!
2009: BINGO!' :-)
2010: Again, kinda slack on the actual day, but baby Jake wore green that week. Does that count?
And a special WBW moment:
I failed to mention that I was a bit busy on St. Patrick's Day 2010 because I was driving to Huntersville to meet this precious new addition to the Carolina Girls family. Marisa had just given birth to a beautiful, teeny Nora Kate. I cannot believe she is celebrating her first birthday tomorrow!

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