Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Saturday 2011

At least I am running consistently a week behind with all my Easter posts. :-)

Last Saturday, we held my family's annual Easter Saturday egg hunt and get together. The kids had an egg hunt followed by an adult egg hunt and then a delicious dinner. My mom told everyone to bring a "cold salad" to share AND a dish made in a crock pot (I am so proud!). Everything was so yummy and perfectly cooled or warmed when it was time to eat dinner.

My two youngest-youngest cousins, Erin and Devon.

Bryce wins the prize for the best Easter basket. :-)

Gramma helps all the sweet peas start their search.

Once Jake found out there were pretzels in his eggs, he decided to share with Grandpa.

Brooklyn and Nanny

I think this was the only shot I got with both my kids together.

Zoe and Brooklyn are never far apart.

This face just melts me every time.

My beautiful girl all grown up.

Jake asks Silas why he isn't out there collecting eggs.

She's an old pro now!

And Jake is a very quick learner.

These kids aren't spoiled at all, are they? And this was BEFORE the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our house.

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