Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday!

This week ended Season 2 of the Biggest Loser at work. [We also ended Season 1 of Iron Scout, but as I may have mentioned a few weeks ago, I was in no way going to win that but it was still fun to participate and it gave me motivation to work out. All in all, I did work out 41 days out of 84 days (the three winners all worked out all 84 days out of 84- unbelievable!). And 41 days in 12 weeks is probably more than I have worked out the last 7 years total...seriously.] But, anyway, back to the Biggest Loser. As you know, Season 1 proved quite successful for me in the weight loss journey. I lost all my Jake-weight and was veeeeery close to losing my Brooklyn weight at the end of the 18 weeks. This "season," I am proud to say that I placed 3rd place (out of 14 contestants) with a 6.79% weight loss. I lost an additional 11 pounds for a total of 37 pounds since August 1st. I am definitely below my pre-Brooklyn weight now, but I am aiming for the wedding weight (about 6 or so more pounds) and then my ultimate goal will be to lose 50 total pounds by August 1st. This loss will put me well into a healthy BMI range and weighing in at 138.00. So, just for re-caps and because I loved the response it elicited the first time around. I weighed 188.0 in August 2010. I weighed 162.0 in January 2011. And now I weigh 151.0. And I crave working out again. I make it a priority. I make it a necessity if I have eaten a bit too "freely" that day. And I make it fun (thank you Netflix on my smartphone!). Thank you again to all of you who have supported me throughout this journey thus far. Thank you for talking me down from the McDonald's cheeseburgers. Thank you for watching the kids so I can get on the elliptical. And thank you for all the sweet comments and compliments. They truly encourage me and keep me going. And so to continue this journey, we are buying a nice digital scale for home (the "floating needle" one we have is just too subjective), and Chad and I will be weighing in on Saturdays. I will post a sidebar weight loss ticker for both of us (Chad did give me his permission), and we will continue to work towards getting those summer bods we so wish for. :-)


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