Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Fun!

Ok, so it wasn't THIS Friday night's fun, but it was on a Friday night...and even in April.

I have spoken before about our "Girls Nights" that we host at our house when the dads play poker. It is always a great time and the girls, who have all grown up together, have the best time playing and eating.

This "Girls Night" we had tacos and then cousin Jessica brought over cupcakes to decorate. A craft and a snack in one? Bingo!

But then let's not forget our precious boys at "Girls Night." Jake was the first boy born into the group, and I was a bit worried that he would be the lone ranger.

But then sweet Kyle was born 6 months later, and Jake had a buddy!

And then in January, Silas came along! The "big boys" are just waiting for him to wake and join in the fun!

"Girls Nights" also include my other favorite girls- Nanny and Gramma. Oh boy, I would not survive without them! And Jake and Brooklyn are kinda fond of them, too. :-)

Now, if we can just schedule that night where the dads watch the kids and the moms go out...

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