Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just leave me a mustard, darn it!

When you have "Coupons" in the title of your blog, it's naturally going to raise a few questions.
1. Do you use coupons?
2. Do you watch Extreme Couponing on TLC?

I have to say that (1) yes and (2) no. I am not sure why I haven't jumped on the EC bandwagon. I think that parts of me just get so mad by my "local" EC's that I just will refuse to watch a show about the "extremists."

Don't get me wrong. I love a good deal. I do clip coupons weekly and subscribe to my Harris Teeter eVic program. I'll even do a rebate now and again. The "Coupons" part of my blog title simply represents the "home" in me- the wife, mother, supporter, etc. [And the "Thin Mints" represents the "work life." But I try not to mix that into the blog too much. I'd like to KEEP my job. :-)]

But I don't use the online coupons. I don't "borrow" extra Sunday papers. I don't spend hours pouring through ads and flyers and websites comparing who has what on sale and when.

I have a job. And kids. And limited time. And no ink in my printer.

But again, I do love a good deal. And when Harris Teeter has their super doubles or triples, I would like to go and get my mustard for 0.03 cents. And maybe a "free" jar of sauce or box of macaroni.

But by the time I get there, these items are gone because some local EC has just stockpiled 87 jars of mustard for their bunker...ahem, I mean pantry. I mean, come on folks. Leave some for the rest of us. Take two. Keep one and donate the other to the local food pantry. Get three even, and give one to your momma who can't do her own grocery shopping.

Just leave one for me.

One of my favorite author's, Jen Lancaster, wrote this blog post yesterday. If you have not read any of her books (and you are somewhat in my demographic) you will probably find her hilarious! She's so brutally honest, and I love it! Here's what she had to say about "Extreme Couponing." [Because she actually watches the show.]

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